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French property is still good value compared with other popular EU destinations.  So why survey?


The initial challenge for buyers who are looking for their dream home is to get past the French approach of not having a UK-style pre-purchase survey undertaken.


A popular TV property programme sums up our advice: “If you buy a property abroad, have it surveyed.  If you don’t, then don’t buy!”


A necessary investment

Although a survey may be seen at the time of purchase an unnecessary additional expense, it is wise to protect such a large investment or - at least - provide you with peace of mind.  It not only gives invaluable advice about the property and the level of any unforeseen financial implications, but the PII (professional insurances) transfers liability to the surveyor.


‘But the French don’t have surveys!’

Surveys are not seen as part of the standard French purchasing process.  However, do not be dissuaded by the words: “The French don’t have surveys”.  It is no good ending up with a part-renovated property and not enough money to finish it because professional property advice was not sought at the outset.


Beware resistance

Good immobiliers will welcome a surveyor and see it as a stamp on their integrity and good faith towards the purchaser.  If there is any sort of resistance to a survey, BEWARE!  Experience shows that this suggests they have something they wish to keep away from experienced, prying eyes.


More than information

There are currently seven (soon to be nine) diagnostic reports which are put forward by the selling agents as 'surveys' but are in fact produced as informative documents only.  Apart from active termite infestation being found, they create no legal requirements for remedial work to be undertaken by either the vendor or purchaser, nor do they cover the condition of the building’s main elements, such as the foundations, roof, walls, floors etc.


From a technical (and financial) perspective, the expert eye of a broadly experienced surveyor is needed. Surveyors are not only trained to diagnose technical problems, but also the causes and remedies, resulting in a prognosis of the health of a building.


Choose us

surveylink france gives you all the facts, helping you make the right decision.  We will produce an in-depth report providing you with a good understanding of the property and what you are buying in terms of the building’s structural state, its general and specific condition, and an indication of what any defects or planned upgrading works will cost.