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surveylink france have been found to be competative on the cost of surveys by including all travel expenses and disbursements within the quotation.

The fee depends not only on which survey option is commissioned, but also by many other factors, such as size, the general and specific condition, number of defects found (which directly influences the length and complexity of the report) - and not by the property’s price.  An appropriate photographic record is included.

A fee is quoted in advance so that you know where you stand which can be paid in sterling or euros and unless there are unusual circumstances will be charged after the survey has been completed.  This not only speeds up the process of appointment but gets the property information to the client without payment delays.

PRE-PURCHASE Structural and Condition Surveys:
We report on those issues which may have an effect on your decision to purchase*. Every propertyundergoes a comprehensive structural and conditioninspection covering all aspects and elements (parts) of the building including its services, and if renovated an assessment of the standard of workmanship.  A guide as regards costs for remedial works and any planned alterations is also included.

* A list of contents of each type of report is available on request.
Option 1 - Comprehensive, written report recording the full inspection's findings and assessment of the seven Diagnostic Reports where available. A rebuild (fire) valuation is also included - if required.

Option 2 - Shorter report reporting on the main defects and issues, with the estimated expenditure levels and timescales.

Option 3 - Elemental (short) surveys address particular defects or concerns, such as structural defects, roof, drainage, etc.