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The role of your surveyor is to help you understand exactly what you're buying, maintain your interests throughout and be on your side if things go wrong.  The pre-purchase French property survey report is there to provide enough information upon which an informed and considered decision can be made.


As independent and impartial professional experts, surveylink france is there to provide several things:


An honest, realistic and impartial assessment

We’ll advise you as to whether the property is sound, and worth buying or renovating.  We are there to discover the true constructional state of the building and any hidden defects such as long-term movement, damp or failure.  We aim to find the things that the average person won’t and that will ultimately cost you money.


A good quality, referenceable report

surveylink france’s comprehensive and impartial report s include practical information and advice.  Our report will act as a reference and guide to enable the necessary work and maintenance items to be prioritised and planned.


Advice on costs for remedial work

Our report will indicate the likely costs of any necessary remedial work or planned alterations.  surveylink france has extensive, hands-on building experience, so we can advise on the technical feasibility of any desired changes and assess whether any existing defects or longer-term problems have been ‘masked’ by renovation works.


A price negotiation tool

Our report can provide a good negotiating tool for the price of the property, if a verbal agreement has not already been made.  It is therefore very sensible to involve us as early on in the process as possible, incorporating a holding clause (Clause Suspensive) in the initial contract (Compromis de Vente), if necessary.


Peace of mind

Lastly, surveylink france provides a professional presence and all the support you need to give you confidence and peace of mind in your decision.