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Qualified and insured?

There are a number of people working in France under the heading ‘Surveyor’. However, it is important to select one who is both qualified (Chartered), and insured (Professional Indemnity Insurance) in case things go wrong.  The Chartered (Building) Surveyors governing body (RICS - Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) requires their members to adhere to strict rules of conduct and have the appropriate insurances.  If in doubt, ask to see copies.  Chartered Building and Construction Surveyors operating in France - albeit a few - can be found on the Internet and elsewhere.


Verbal report?

Although possibly cheaper, verbal reports or walk-through inspections are also unwise as it is doubtful whether adequate insurance policies are held.  In any case, verbal information can be misinterpreted and would not be legally supportable should a dispute arise later.



Nor is it is not particularly wise to use a surveyor who is recommended by an immobilier or their agent, unless you can speak with the surveyor direct and he or she can assure you of their complete impartiality. 


Any party involved in the selling chain such as immobiliers, agents, search companies, or architects and builders who may be recommended and offer pre-purchase inspections may not always give totally unbiased opinions where future work depends so much on the recommender’s continued support.  The system of Introduction Commissions in France used in such situations creates legal implications between the parties involved which could be detrimental to the unsuspecting purchaser.


If an immobilier insists on you using their own recommended surveyor, caution is advised because in the experience of surveylink france the property may have hidden defects that may not be drawn to the purchaser’s attention. 


Clients cannot expect the same level of service or prices between surveyors.


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