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When purchasing a new home in France, you need to understand what you are buying, financially and practically.


Prospective purchasers are often told by immobiliers (estate agents) that a survey is not needed because “The property has just been renovated and therefore it does not need to be inspected” or “This property is derelict and you can see what you’re getting” . 


Modern French building techniques are different to those in the UK, especially in the areas of structure, water penetration and damp. The long-term lack of maintenance of the older buildings makes an independent assessment imperative.


It is often the hidden defects and their consequences which turn out to cost the most and are very often not detected by the untrained eye.  For example, it is usually considered that structural problems are the most expensive to rectify, but it is in fact elements such as roofs, heating systems and electrical installations that turn out to be the most expensive to put right.


The surveylink france service


We will provide you with a comprehensive, impartial report, written by an experienced Chartered Surveyor, giving sound technical opinions and practical advice on the property.  Our report includes an indication of any remedial expenditure, with indicative costs over and above the purchase price, advice on what should be put right first and timescales for any alterations needed.  This report can also be used for price negotiation purposes. 


Use our property knowledge to make the right decision on your new French home.